About Us

We're Pocketwatch Games

Pocketwatch Games was founded in 2005 by Andy Schatz. Andy is the lead designer, writer, and producer for the company, and he writes quite a bit of game code too.

CTO Joseph Riedel joined Pocketwatch to build our proprietary engine, 'Daedalus', for our upcoming untitled project. Joseph was previously instrumental in building the Disney+ streaming platform and survival game '7 days to Die'.

Pocketwatch's debut titles were the IGF Grand Prize nominated ecosystem-sim game Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa and the subsequent game Venture Arctic.

2010 was the company's breakout year when the indie co-op heist game Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine won the Grand Prize and Excellence in Design in the Independent Games Festival, and going on to sell close to 2 million copies on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, and Switch.

In 2017, Pocketwatch released Tooth and Tail, an Arcade-Style Real Time Strategy game set in a world of animal revolution. Tooth and Tail was nominated for numerous awards, including the 2018 IGF award for Excellence in Narrative, and still maintains an active community of enthusiasts and modders.

Pocketwatch is currently working on Monaco 2 and streaming development live on Twitch Tuesday-Friday from 11AM-4PM PT.

Press Kit

Marketing assets including our logo, screenshots, and artwork.


The Team

Andy Schatz

CEO, Creative Director

Programmer whose distant past includes games such as Whacked! and Goldeneye: Rogue Agent.

Joseph Riedel


Ex-Disney, previously worked on 7 Days to Die, Deadhold, Crow, Area 51 Blacksite, Turok, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, Myth III, Dragons Lair 3D.

Lee Dotson

Art Director

Meghan Auer

Sr Environment Artist

3D and Concept artist whose past games include Wattam and Luna: Moondust Garden.

Sasha Riddle

Environment and Motion Graphics Artist

Previously chopped trees with her bare hands and made vodka in a bathtub in her Motherland.

Mike Steele

Character and VFX Artist

3D character artist with past credits on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, The Mage's Tale, The Bard's Tale IV, and Google Stadia

Scott Redig



Clark Bakstran

Level Desginer

Former tech and systems designer who worked on multiple Madden titles.

Phil Homan


Multi-disciplinary dev. Technical producer for Handmade Cities indie confs, live concert visual projectionist in his spare time.