About Us

Pocketwatch Games was founded in 2005 by programmer/designer/artist Andy Schatz. The one-man indie studio was first known for creating the IGF Grand Prize nominated ecosystem-sim game Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa and the subsequent game Venture Arctic.

Pocketwatch had a breakout year in 2010 when the indie co-op heist game Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine won the Grand Prize and Excellence in Design in the Independent Games Festival. Monaco was eventually released to the public in 2013, garnering wide praise and selling over a million copies on PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox Live Arcade.

Pocketwatch is currently working on Tooth and Tail, an Arcade-Style Real Time Strategy game set in a world of animal revolution.

Over the years, Pocketwatch has worked with a number of other important team members, including Monaco's Producer & Level Designer, Andy Nguyen, and Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory.

Pocketwatch Games is located in San Diego, CA.